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September 2011 Modifications to Moodle

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September 2011 Modifications to Moodle
by Fred Zinn - Thursday, September 22, 2011, 11:21 AM

Today we applied fixes to Moodle in order to address issues that came up in the first few weeks of the Fall Pilot. These changes will be invisible to most students and faculty, but some users may notice differences.

The most visible of these changes is the removal of the Moodle-wide Blog tool. Because of confusion over the proper use of this tool, and potential privacy issues, we are disabling it  until we can better understand how it can be used properly. If you have been relying on this tool, there are other tools in Moodle, and offered by OIT, that can do what this tool does. Please contact OIT if you need help finding an alternative.

The other changes include the removal of some site-wide reporting tools (such as Tags) that were were causing privacy concerns, fixes to how the grade book displayed in the UMass themes, and the addition of features that help users of the new i>clicker system enter IDs and manage response data.