This course offers students a novel learning experience involving participation in student teams that plan, implement and host one of three different Project Events in class during the semester. The Project Events promote active team-based learning in the context of a: 1) Project Debate about controversial issues in the life sciences such as the DNA fingerprinting and the death penalty, 2) Book Club Discussion about a science book with relevance to many societal issues and 3) Panel Discussion about career development that explores new career options for future BMB graduates. The course asks students to reflect on their learning experiences in college and explicitly explore how these experiences helped them to become better learners. Students learn to integrate new information about themselves into their future responses to new situations, an invaluable skill for solving challenging real-world problems. Satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-Biochm and BS-Biochm majors. Course restrictions: Open to BA-Biochm and BS-Biochm Juniors. No pre-requisites.