Should higher education be free? Your answer to this question likely depends on your class background and decision to pursue higher education. In this course, we will discuss how systems of higher education in the United States are shaped by socioeconomic factors. By asking critical questions, we will examine how social class impacts the ways that postsecondary institutions operate, prioritize concerns, serve students, and interact with larger cultural values. This course uses a diverse assortment of course materials including social media, journal articles, book chapters, audio podcasts, videos, and news articles as tools to support discussion of key ideas. 

These topics will be covered through three units: 

  • Unit 1: Overview of classism as a concept (Weeks 3-5)
  • Unit 2: Social class and the college system (Weeks 6-8)
  • Unit 3: Classed experiences within higher education (Weeks 10-13)