The course aims to help students achieve an Intermediate-High level of proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic with an exposure to one Arabic colloquial dialect through the practice of the four language skills.
Students in this course will continue perfecting their knowledge of Arabic focusing on the four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Emphasis will be on the development of all language skills using a communicative-oriented, proficiency-based approach. By the end of the academic year, students will acquire vocabulary and usage for everyday interactions as well as skills that will allow them to communicate in a variety of situations. Students should expect text assignments as well as work with DVDs, audio and websites. Exercises include writing, social interactions, role plays, and the interplay of language and culture.
This first semester of a year-long course introduces the basics of Modern Standard Arabic, also known as Classical Arabic. It begins with a coverage of the alphabet, vocabulary for everyday use, and essential communicative skills relating to real-life and task-oriented situations (queries about personal well-being, family, work, and telling the time). Students will concentrate on speaking and listening skills, as well as on learning the various forms of regular verbs, and on how to use an Arabic dictionary.