This course provides a broad view of entrepreneurship. Topics include the business plan, raising money for a new venture, assessing the riskiness of new businesses and the unique management challenges of startups.
New Venture Creation introduces students to the process of bringing an innovation to life. Students will learn how to analyze changes in society that create the need for innovation. In teams, students will identify a specific opportunity, investigate its feasibility, and plan its operation. (GenEd: SB)

This course is part of the Management Department curriculum where the broad focus is on the reality of change. Our specific focus is on forming and transforming organizations. Topics include: varieties of organization structure and design, the challenges of organizational change, and understanding power and conflict in organizations. A recurring question in the course is "what is a `good' organization?" (MANAGMNT 330 is a micro approach, focusing on individual and small groups; MANAGMNT 331 is a macro approach focusing on groups and organizations as a system in an environment.)