A one-credit class that guides students through the proposal writing process required for entry into the BDIC major. Students will investigate career and graduate school options, finalize their course selections for the BDIC major and choose a faculty sponsor within the scope of the class. Admission to the class by application only.
This course is designed to help students contemplate the skills and knowledge they have acquired through general education courses and through the process of designing and completing an individualized degree program in the context of a world that is changing dramatically. Students will; reflect upon their assumptions about success; read and view materials that raise questions about how the world is changing, what education is supposed to do and actually does, and work and organizational life; write short papers in which they describe their thoughts about success and the "good life"; how the changes discussed in class will affect their fields and their work in the future, and the skills and knowledge they have acquired through their UMass education; share and discuss these papers with one another; complete a major project in which they identify a critical issue in their chosen field and conduct research on how that issue may affect the field and their ability to thrive in it. Satisfies the Integrative Experience requirement for BA-BDIC and BS-BDIC majors.
This writing-intensive course helps to prepare students for future writing in the world, focusing on writing related to their BDIC concentrations. Students will work on skills that cross disciplines and jobs, including how to find, use and evaluate resources, techniques and feedback that can help with writing, how to plan larger writing projects and how to use revision strategies effectively. Coursework includes several projects designed around the students' concentrations, an annotated bibliography, and a cover letter and resume. Prerequisite: BDIC 396P