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Course Description: 

There is more than one way to find success in college, and the path to getting there is different for every student. This class will help incoming students define their individual goals and connect them to the resources needed to achieve these goals. It will assist students in making the kinds of connections with peers, faculty, and staff that result in a greater sense of personal and academic community and achievement. Throughout the course of the semester, students will analyze approaches and methods used in the social and behavioral sciences, while simultaneously developing necessary skills to succeed personally and academically in college. Through activities and exercises students will discover the many academic and co-curricular options available at UMass and begin creating their own roadmap to graduation. This course is part of the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Residential Academic Program (RAP).

Course Goals & Objectives:

A student who completes the assignments, comes to class prepared, and effectively engages with both their classmates and instructor will:

·        Identify their strengths and capacities as a learner

·        Collaborate with peers in meaningful ways

·        Develop greater awareness of their own goals, learning styles, and interests

·        Work towards achieving goals in their academic and personal lives

·        Understand the overall structure and resources of the university and SBS

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This course is for SBS who want to learn to teach their peers to be successful in college. Students assist a primary instructor in the teaching of a First Year Seminar that meets weekly throughout the semester. In addition, some assignments will occasionally require working with the FY students outside of class. Students in this class meet weekly in their own seminar where they discuss issues around classroom management, teaching techniques, and organizational skills, such as working with Moodle.