This course is for undergraduate students who learned English as an additional language. Giving effective presentations requires a mastery of a broad range of skills. Students will develop skills as diverse as choosing an appropriate topic, creating effective visuals, and designing a speech opening. The overall goal of this course is to develop an awareness and use of common speech types and organizational strategies and to prepare university-level students to deliver presentations in an academic setting. Students will also work on pronunciation, so that speech delivery becomes more comprehensible in the university classroom and in professional settings. The course delivery focuses on classroom instruction, applied practice, and feedback.
Promotes the achievement of an expert level of second language writing proficiency demanded by the university's academic community. Uses critical inquiry to explore global and local issues from multicultural perspectives as a basis for writing. Emphasizes the creation, revision, and reshaping of meaningful, clearly written texts in a variety of genres. Analyzes cultural influences on writing in different languages. Helps develop informed and independent writers.