Methods, pedagogy and playing. For Music Education Majors only.
Introduction to basic marching colorguard techniques
History of the marching band movement; charting and show design; judging a field show; flag, rifle, and drum major techniques. Modern trends through films and video tapes. Prerequisites: 3 semesters University or college marching band.
Methods, pedagogy and playing. For Music Education Majors only.
The purpose of this course is to examine current issues that impact the state of music education in schools. Topics will vary, but may include the following: advocacy, culture and community, curriculum and pedagogy, diversity, policy, and professional reform. Students will also explore in depth a topic of their choice that is relevant to their teaching situation.
For music majors only. Aspects of music education in the public schools. In-school observations, guest lecturers; discussions of current trends and problems.
This seminar provides opportunities for doctoral students to share their completed and in-progress research as a supportive community of emerging scholars. There will also be opportunities to collaborate with faculty on various research projects. Faculty-led discussions will include a variety of topics relevant to higher education, such as publication, job search, tenure and promotion in academia.

Elementary Classroom Music is part of the professional sequence of courses required for licensing as a PreK-12 music educator in Massachusetts. The curriculum addresses the knowledge, understanding, analysis, and skills required for licensure candidates to (a) engage their students in meaningful learning, (b) address the music standards found in the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework, and (c) exemplify the standards set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). As a professional level course, Elementary Classroom Music is designed to prepare students as emerging teachers of general music in elementary school settings. It consists of both theoretical study and practical experience relative to the techniques and approaches used in general music education in U.S. schools.