This course encourages students to explore potential career goals by understanding and bridging the gap between their own expectations, values, skills and interests and how employers will view students and their experience upon graduation. The course is designed to guide students through career self assessment, to solidify practical skills and knowledge concerning conducting a successful job search, and to incorporate social networking and informational interviewing skills. Resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and salary negotiation will be included. Additionally, options such as internships, graduate school, recommendations, professionalism and success team concepts will all be presented.
Discover who you are and how to maximize your strengths and promote your best self with confidence in professional settings. This course specializes in self-discovery and provides students guidance and a language in which they can make informed decisions about their future careers as well as how to imbed their newly discovered identities within professional contexts (interviews, internships, jobs, team meetings, networking opportunities, etc.) Students will take both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the CliftonStrengths Finder assessments, which will provide insight into their personality and skills. Results from the assessments will be used to create individual career plans. This will involve developing SMART goals, researching career options and potential employers, and taking weekly action steps to accomplish both their self-designed short and long-term goals; ultimately culminating in a developmental roadmap that will lead them to success within their chosen profession or direction. A high emphasis is placed on participation in simulation exercises with subsequent coaching and feedback by both the instructor as well as fellow classmates.