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    Welcome to Moodle Fall 2015!
    by Instructional Media Lab - Friday, August 28, 2015, 2:11 PM
    Students: Get Started in Moodle

    Most Fall 2015 Moodle courses open to students on Friday, September 4th, but not all classes use Moodle. If you log in and a class you are enrolled in is not listed under My Courses (at left), to find out if it uses Moodle, go to your course schedule in SPIRE and click the URL icon () next to the class. Note: Your instructor may choose to delay opening a Moodle course.

    If you are a student who is using Moodle for the first time, or would like a refresher on how it works, watch the video or see our Quick Tour of Moodle for Students help page for everything you need to know to get started with Moodle in your classes.

    Instructors: Request Your Moodle Courses

    Instructors need to request a Moodle course in SPIRE each time they teach a class. You can easily copy the content from a previous Moodle course into your new course using the Import tool. If you are not ready for students to see your course, you can hide individual elements of the course or hide the...

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